VIP Room Rental

Critical Hit Games Cafe is proud to announce the official opening of our new event room!

If you want to host a small event, gaming session or just want a quiet place to game then we have the space for you.

Weekdays are £30 per evening

Weekends are £50 per day

For the price you have access to:

  • A private, quiet room
  • A custom-built geek-chic gaming table
  • The room setup to the specification of your use
  • Access to a wide variety of RPG books
  • One free hot drink to each customer

Features coming soon:

  • Access to a television to broadcast wherever you may like
  • Access to premium board games, included in the price
  • A premium menu exclusive to the room
  • Access to a recording device eg GoPro

We are accepting bookings only, message this Facebook page, fill in the contact form below or inquire in store before the day you wish to use the room.